When tracing is not working as expected

1. Errors enabling tracing

If you face issues with using osm mesh upgrade to enable tracing on a running OSM instance, troubleshoot here

2. Verify that tracing is enabled

Ensure the tracing_enable key in the osm-config ConfigMap is set to true:

kubectl get configmap -n osm-system osm-config -o json | jq '.data.tracing_enable'

3. Verify the tracing values being set are as expected

If tracing is enabled, you can verify the specific tracing_address, tracing_port and tracing_endpoint being used for tracing in the ConfigMap:

kubectl get configmap osm-config -n osm-system -o json | jq '.data'

To verify that the Envoys point to the FQDN you intend to use, check the tracing_address value.

4. Verify the tracing values being used are as expected

To dig one level deeper, you may also check whether the values set by the ConfigMap are being correctly used. Use the command below to get the config dump of the pod in question and save the output in a file.

osm proxy get config_dump -n <pod-namespace> <pod-name> > <file-name>

Open the file in your favorite text editor and search for envoy-tracing-cluster. You should be able to see the tracing values in use. Example output for the bookbuyer pod:

"name": "envoy-tracing-cluster",
      "type": "LOGICAL_DNS",
      "connect_timeout": "1s",
      "alt_stat_name": "envoy-tracing-cluster",
      "load_assignment": {
       "cluster_name": "envoy-tracing-cluster",
       "endpoints": [
         "lb_endpoints": [
           "endpoint": {
            "address": {
             "socket_address": {
              "address": "jaeger.osm-system.svc.cluster.local",
              "port_value": 9411

5. Verify that the OSM Controller was installed with Jaeger automatically deployed [optional]

If you used automatic bring-up, you can additionally check for the Jaeger service and Jaeger deployment:

# Assuming OSM is installed in the osm-system namespace:
kubectl get services -n osm-system -l app=jaeger

jaeger   ClusterIP   <none>        9411/TCP   27m
# Assuming OSM is installed in the osm-system namespace:
kubectl get deployments -n osm-system -l app=jaeger

jaeger   1/1     1            1           27m

6. Verify Jaeger pod readiness, responsiveness and health

Check if the Jaeger pod is running in the namespace you have deployed it in:

The commands below are specific to OSM’s automatic deployment of Jaeger; substitute namespace and label values for your own tracing instance as applicable:

kubectl get pods -n osm-system -l app=jaeger

NAME                     READY   STATUS    RESTARTS   AGE
jaeger-8ddcc47d9-q7tgg   1/1     Running   5          27m

To get information about the Jaeger instance, use kubectl describe pod and check the Events in the output.

kubectl describe pod -n osm-system -l app=jaeger

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