OSM uses Mergify to automatically merge (automerge) and automatically rebase (autorebase) pull requests.


A pull request will be automerged via a merge commit if it meets the following criteria:

  • Has the automerge label
  • Does not have the wip label
  • Does not have the do-not-merge/hold label
  • Successfully completed all checks
  • Has at least 2 maintainer approvals
  • Base branch is either main or a release branch If the pull request has an automerge label, the OSM-PR-bot will also autorebase the pull request if the PR branch goes out-of-date.

Note: Currently, pull requests that are paths-ignore cannot be merged automatically.


A pull request will be autorebased only and not automerged if it has the autorebase label. The rebase action will be completed by OSM-PR-bot.

In Pull Request Comments

Some Mergify commands can also be triggered via comments on the pull request.

  • @Mergifyio refresh will re-evaluate the rules
  • @Mergifyio rebase will rebase this PR on its base branch
  • @Mergifyio backport <destination> will backport this PR on branch